Looking to set up a business next year in Cambodia

I have heard the phrase Fixer as someone you can employ in Cambodia who will deal with all the licences that are needed plus anything else needed.  I have also heard the term Tea money and that you need to pay the tax office $20 every month just to facilitate your taxes. I am flying back to Cambodia in October and would like to meet up with the fixer I have employed to start the ball rolling and see who else I need to meet. My email is *** or reply on here and thank you for your time. I want to get everything in place, as I wish to start trading the business next year


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For my experienced with taxation department, previously around 3 year ago we need to pay under table for tax declaration but currently is almost no under table fee in government office, for more information please contact me.

Hi I have been told I need to use somebody called a fixer in cambodia, I am planning on opening a loan bank next year. helping small businesses with small loans can you help or put m in touch with a fixer



yes, we can meet any time. I have experience to consult with many new investment in Cambodia such as Cleaning Company, Duty Free Retail Store, Technology Product Distributor, and Micro Finance also. and currently i work at a pharmaceutical company. i can protect your company from corruption and i have many network strategic people.

I am looking to set up a loan bank, which will make small loans to Cambodian nationals
looking to get all relevant Licences from government, plus tax & vat registrations meetings with relevant people from the government

Stephen Howell

yes, what you need to register is :
National Bank of Cambodia (MFI License) , Ministry of Commerce (MFI Name and shareholder) , Ministry of Economic and Finance (Paten TAX and VAT), and other authority (related to security and hygiene),

Stephen, Cambodia is full of MFI's - why would they need yours/another one?

A "fixer" won't be able to help you if you do not qualify under the rules or if your business breaks existing laws; even Cambodia has grown up from the Wild West days of the '90's.

The interest on MFI loans has now been capped at 18% p.a. by the The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) . Also in this area, the days of big profits are over. … est-capped

Please could you include me in this discussion thread (and perhaps we could share meeting) I return to PP on 9th Oct.

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