Slot of great comments on shipping items to Puerto Rico. I actually have my truck going there based on a recommendation from another member.
But nothing on shipping just a pallet of household items. Not a whole house.
FedEx and UPS offer shipping, but does anyone know of a more competitive company?

FedEX and UPS charge as an International location so it is expensive.
You can ship your stuff as regular via the post office.
You can also ship it via a container company, give the people here a few days, they may have some additional suggestions.

But most members are just shipping loose boxes via the post office.

We rented a container from upack. We got and entertainment center, 3 bookcases, gun cabinet, large toolbox, recliner, and about 30 boxes. $2700. We brought stuff I now regret bringing and wish I would have brought other things we didn't. Make sure you hand carry your SS card. We put ours in pod but needed them to hook up electric and water.

From another site:
There are numerous shipping companies who ship to Puerto Rico and many options. Full service moving companies are the most expensive. These companies show up at your home, professionally pack your goods, wrap your furniture and load it onto a truck. Your belongings will be driven to port, placed on pallets, wrapped, weighed, and then loaded into a shipping container. Expect to pay $2,000 and up for this service, depending on the amount you are shipping and your distance from port. Check your local listings for movers who will transport your belongings to the closest port and ship them.

Moving Companies

Other options include a container drop-off. This is more affordable. The container is dropped off at your home and you load it yourself. You can chose a 20-40 ft. container, which is enough for a small to medium sized home. Pick it up and ship it for you. When it arrives in Puerto Rico, it is dropped off again for you to unload.


Did you have to pay import duty on your goods?


You only have to pay import on tour car, the rest is personal items.

We used Upack. No issues.,

Any suggestions on just a pallet or 2 of household stuff

Any suggestions on just a pallet or 2?

annabfalter :


Did you have to pay import duty on your goods?


No taxes on personal items. Just on our vechile.

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