Required Documents for Family Visa

I am new here in this website. I am working here in Bahrain from last 4 months.  My visa is okey, now I want to bring my family here in Bahrain on family visa. I want to ask from seniors that what documents are required to apply for family visa. Many person reply me that ask to your Arbab, But he says I don't known about this. Can any body tell me what documents are required to get family visa. And in how many days I can get my family visa in my hand,



Refer to the below link


Thank you


Can you let me know whats is the process for getting CPR for family . I got the visa for my family on last day and they are about to travel with in weeks time. 

SO I would like to know the procedure for getting the CPR for them and let me know whether any medical test is being carried out too.


once they are here your PRO will handle it, no medical needed for family members.


I'm handling the thing's via local I  believe I can ask them to process directly once the family reach Bahrain..correct me  if I'm wrong...

Thank for your mediate response.. Really appreciated..

if your employer provides will all the necessary documents.


Hello Good Day. Is it possible for me to get a family visa? I'm over 18 and the only family member I have here in Bahrain is my mom.
Here's the catch I have a working visa but planning to switch it to a family visa. Is it possible? and if so.. can you help me what are the requirements and process to be done?

Your thoughts and advise are very much welcome and needed. Thank you.

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