Looking for room in Krakow

Hi, Im from India. Im shortly moving to Krakow for my job assignment. Im looking for accommodation. Please provide some pointers.

Hi Arunmozhibalaguru,

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I invite you to post your housing search in the Housing in Krakow section, it might help you.

The articles in the Accommodation in Poland section will also give you a clearer insight about accommodation in Poland.

Thanks and good luck,

Expat.com team

There are 2 most popular sites, but in Polish language.
https://www.olx.pl/nieruchomosci/mieszk … em/krakow/
https://www.otodom.pl/wynajem/mieszkani … y_id%5D=38

If you want help with translating, write me PM.

Thank you.

There is a new website (which I made myself) which is good for non polish speakers, for it is in english and contains graphic information :flatskrakow.com

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