NewBie in SG. Looking for new friends

Hey guys,

Hope you are doing well.
I am new to SG and currently working here.
I am looking for new friends in this beautiful country.
Looking only for good friends, if genuinely interested PM me :)

Welcome to Singapore and expat forum, hope you and your family must have a good time here.

In future you may share your expectations before arrival and experience in Singapore after staying here. It will help others who are planning to come or short term visitors including tourists. Thanks

Hello, I'm Dinda. I will move to Singapore next month and I'm so interested with traveling and Zumba. Maybe u can help me to explore Singapore and to find a good place for exercise? And i also still looking for a job in Singapore.

Exercise? Are you referring for jogging? Then all districts have surrounded Parks for jogging. You will have plenty of options whether you stay in HDB or private Condo. Good luck in your job search.

welcome to singapore

Welcome to spore.  There are many free Zumba classes in Singapore and good exercise for the mind and body. Cheers

Hey Adinda,
                        welcome to Spore. I'm a local guy and I can be of help to you if you are looking for places to exercise and zumba. I'll be more than happy to assist you :)


The website is a great way to find groups of people who do whatever you're interested in doing when you move to a new city. There are groups for a wide variety of physical, social and intellectual activities, from badminton to dinner dates to cloud computing.

Hi, sorry  am nt yet in Singapore but am intending to visit soon, hopefully in d nxt months. Pls, if i may ask hw is life in Singapore in general?

Mattilight: There are many discussions already present on the forum about how life is in Singapore. Maybe you can read those first and come back with more detailed questions? Then we can give you more relevant replies than just "Life is good in Singapore".

Thks alut beppi, i appriciate, i will do jst as u said.

Im welcome

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