Planning to study diploma in Business Management

Hello to all,

I am from India and my highest education is PG diploma in Fashion Management from Toronto, Canada. Due to some family reason i had to come back to India in 2015 and since then i am here and been working as an Administration Manager in a small scale private company.
Now I want to study and immigrate to a foreign country so been thinking how will New Zealand be to begin a new life. I am planning to study business management or any management course for that matter to get a decent job and PR without much hassles in New Zealand.  My consultant has advised me to pursue a PG diploma (level 7) course from one of the polytenic college in New Zealand.
#How is the job market for management students?
#Is it easy to get extensions in work visa after completing the course?
#How quickly does Management grads. get PR in New Zealand?

Looking forward to see some promising views

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