Can't obtain egyptian birth certificate


I'm egyptian born in Cairo from egyptian father and serbian mother.

My parents when I was a child requested a passport for me from both countries but when they divorced my father took to Egypt with him all of my personal egyptian documents and later died there because of an illness.

I don't have any other relatives in Egypt and now that I need my egyptian birth certificate I don't have any document to support my request other than a copy of the marriage certificate between my parents that doesn't contain any of my personal information.

I really don't know what to do in this situation with no egyptian ID or egyptian passport other than the one document I mentioned.

Does anybody know a possible solution to this problematic situation?

would you please clarify if the marriage certificate issued by any of egypt authorities or by your government also if you are having a copy of your dad passport.

The certificate is really more of a basic document simply reporting my parents personal information (there are no really egyptian official stamps, just their data and is written in arabic). I should clarify that this document in my possession is not an original but just a photo-copy.

It was presented to the serbian embassy in Egypt as a proof of their marriage in order to request my serbian passport (there are serbian stamps on the paper).

Unfortunately I don't have my father's passport.

By the name of your father which is appear in the certificate, you can obtain a birth certificate for your father. After you get, you will need to present the marriage certificate together with your mom passport copy and your dad birth certificate.
I believe if you go to the embassy of egypt, they will assist you in obtaining the required documents.

if you have already a registered national number, you can extract official copies of every document by your full Egyptian name

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