Kindle e-reader

Can anyone please tell me where to buy a kindle e-reader oasis online which can be shiped to Mauritius. Since Amazon doesn't ship to Mauritius.

Anyway you'll have a lot of difficulties to download e-books on your Kindle here in Mauritius. You're allowed about 5 and that's it. Try Kobo. They use it at the IFM, the huge French library in Rose-Hill, Mauritius. It's better to buy an e-reader here or else you'll have problems to download books. Anyway this is what the staff at a famous French store, FNAC told me the other day when I wanted to buy their e-reader. I'm also trying to buy an e-reader here.

Don't tell me!
Thanks Gene78.

I bought on Amazon and got a friend to bring it.. alternatively you could ask a friend to post it but it may be subject to customs tax. My Amazon account is still in the UK and I have no restrictions at all on the amount I can download so I'm not sure why anyone would experience a limit??

That's a good news. I can arrange for someone from Australia or England.
Thanks a lote.

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