Documentation and Requirements for 9-II investor's visa

Hi all,

My husband and I are planning on moving to Ecuador in about 21 months. We are both South Africans, currently living in Shanghai, China for the past 7 years.

I have been trying to find information regarding the documentation and Requirements for 9-II investor's visa, but haven't been very successful in finding precise info.
We are planning on doing the $25 000 CD and $500 (per dependent).

If anyone could answer some of the following questions, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

1) Can we apply for this visa without being in Ecuador or if we arrive on a tourist visa, do we have to arrive with a return ticket?
2) Has anyone used a reputable lawyer/visa company to assist in applying for this kind of visa?
3) As the law recently changed and you should now first apply for the temporary residence visa, will you still be able to apply for a cedula?
4) If we can't get cedulas, how will we manage to open a bank account at a reputable bank to do the CD?
5)If we can't get cedulas, how can we join the social security.

Some documentation questions;

The required documents such as Police Clearance, Marriage Certificate etc. should all be apostilled by the country of origin, then translated into Spanish and apostilled again by an Ecuadorian consulate in the country of origin?

Someone please advise on the correct procedure of obtaining and legalizing these documents.

Thanks a ton.

Dear Jolene,

Welcome to the Ecuador forum.

Save yourselves the headaches and use a skilled visa facilitator -- Dana Cameron on/near the coast, for instance -- or an experienced immigration attorney.

My attorney is Sebastian Cordero, who has an office in Quito although much of his clientele is on the coast of late.


The new immigration regulations were made available in English only about a month ago .. and the various immigration offices are in an adjustment phase.

Ipso facto, anybody currently  figuring to move to Ecuador in 2017-18-19 should not be doing the visa stuff on their own, unless they're already in the Cuenca area where there are helpful English speakers working for the immigration office.

Seriously consider waiting until you are within a year of moving to Ecuador before getting too deep into the details.  We're in a shake-out period and some of the information you might obtain now could be changed, massaged or re-interpreted between now and 21 months from now when you plan to make the move.  Doing the research 8 or 10 months ahead of a move still gives you plenty of time to obtain an excellent visa result. Obtaining/apostilling documents too early could invalidate them.


Attention, Susan....

I see that (on another thread) you recently recommended Dana Cameron as a visa facilitator and suggested looking her up in the business directory.

Please post her current email address on this thread .. or else kindly explain how to navigate to the spot in the directory where Profesora Cameron's contact information is posted. 


Dear cccmedia,

Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate it and will follow your advice to wait
a bit longer.

Have a nice day.

Dana Cameron and her company Ecuador Visa Associates is listed on the Business Directory. Here's the link: Dana Cameron

Click the link and you can open a direct contact form right to her mailbox through this site.

She is the top rated visa facilitator in Ecuador with almost a decade and a half of experience and literally thousands of successful visas for people from dozens of countries on almost every continent. She can answer your basic questions for free and her fees are very reasonable.

I've known her for years and recommend her exclusively.

I get no kickback or remuneration for my recommendation.


Thank you Susan.

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