UNPAID internship visa requirements for foreigners in the Philippines

I hope this website will be able to help me out about this dilemma or confusion that I have with visa applications for unpaid interns.

I have been reading up on visa applications for cases such as mine and it has been MIXED answers, many people tell me to apply for a student visa, work visa or just settle with a temporary visitors visa.

It seems that the company that I will be an intern at suggests that I would not need a Special Work Permit to be an intern at their company for 4 months as well and mention that a temporary visitors visa will suffice.

The embassy here also told me to contact the Beaureau of immigration in the Philippines but I am not sure how. They were also unsure of the proper unpaid internship procedure (visa) I would need.

I would really appreciate help and advice to be able to legally go about this. I don't want to potentially get into trouble and do my internship properly.

I hope you can help me and I thank you in advanced

Hello Bellaboo,

Does your situation already solved ? actually I have the similar situation like you , I will be going to Philippines for my internship for 6 month and the embassy told me to secure a work permit which I don't know what permit is it. So what is exactly the permit that I need as I only been given a 59-days temporary visa and I need the permit to extend my visa there later.

I do not have an answer for this visa inquiry, but I would advise you to be careful with the advice given to you here.   Whether an 'internship'  is still considered  'work'  when you may not be getting paid, still could be an interpretation of the Immigration Dept. rules.  If you are here in the Philippines now, perhaps visit one of the local immigration offices and get the facts .

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