UNPAID internship visa requirements for foreigners in the Philippines

I hope this website will be able to help me out about this dilemma or confusion that I have with visa applications for unpaid interns.

I have been reading up on visa applications for cases such as mine and it has been MIXED answers, many people tell me to apply for a student visa, work visa or just settle with a temporary visitors visa.

It seems that the company that I will be an intern at suggests that I would not need a Special Work Permit to be an intern at their company for 4 months as well and mention that a temporary visitors visa will suffice.

The embassy here also told me to contact the Beaureau of immigration in the Philippines but I am not sure how. They were also unsure of the proper unpaid internship procedure (visa) I would need.

I would really appreciate help and advice to be able to legally go about this. I don't want to potentially get into trouble and do my internship properly.

I hope you can help me and I thank you in advanced

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