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I am a Pakistani working as a language Instructor in KSA. Planning to come to Malaysia on Students visa.
Can some1 guide me:
* will my husband have working right?
* will I have working right?
* cost of living for three (couple and a 7-year-old)
a studio or one bed apartment. No sharing
* can we use veil (to cover ourselves as in KSA)
* schooling of my son

I will highly appreciate if guided. my university is located in Semenyih, Selangor.

* will my husband have working right?
NO - he would need to get a job offer and the employer would apply for a work permit. The LTSVP is a social pass only … pass.html/

* will I have working right?
NO (ask your University for their rules). This link gives the legal position. … index.aspx

* cost of living for three (couple and a 7-year-old)
RM1-1.5k per month plus school charges and expenses of RM2k per month

a studio or one bed apartment. No sharing
RM 600-1.5k per month including utility bills, wifi, etc. There are no one bed properties in the nearby area except perhaps on the campus. It is mainly house and condo sharing. … ment-flat/
Although this website is mainly room rentals there are some whole properties too

* can we use veil (to cover ourselves as in KSA)
No rules preventing it in Malaysia, but check with your University.

* schooling of my son
You would have to send your child to an international school. There is no free schooling for foreigners. This link gives an idea of the costs involved - some are upfront and non-returnable. There are also additional fees such as transport and food

Your University is the best place to get assistance.

Thank you so much for detailed answer. I hv heard there r few private schools too which are comparively reasonable.
So for my husband as dependent it wont be an issue to get his visa status changed if someone offeres him a job?

No issue for your husband to get a work permit in the future and without having to leave the country. One issue is that there are not that many sectors these days that are hiring foreigners. It will therefore depend on what degree and experience he has, whether he can find work. IT and teaching are the best sectors. Some other types of job are simply not possible for foreigners such as finance, banking, medicine, etc. as there are protectionist strategies which favour Malaysian encumbents.

There are some reasonably cheap schools. I think ELC is one of them. Plus some of the Islamic schools are not so expensive.  The issue will be which of them are convenient to your living location and your commuting location. … all&s=

I would actually advise you not to live in Seminyih as it is a bit remote from the train system. But ultimately there will be quite a bit of travel time by living further away. However, you may find a studio/1 bed easier to come by outside Seminyih area.

I think your study coordinator will be able to provide some advice.

Thank you very much for the help. It really means. May Allah give you reward for this. Ameen

Kajang might be a good place to look into living and school options. You could look at Tanarata and GMS. There is a Tenby school near Seminyih (Setia Ecohill) as well.

In Shaa Allah. I will surely look into these options

One more opinion needed!
If I change my plan and try to get a work visa from a school (as I am a language instructor). So, in that case, can I study or there are some other rules.....
Just wondering....
Is it easy to get school visa for a Pak Citizen?
And guidelines? any recommended schools?
Sorry to bother u so much.

If you are on a work visa, there are no rules against you studying as well. 

As to whether it is easy for a Pakistani citizen to get a job teaching, I'm not sure, as I don't know the language that you teach.  If it's English, there are more applicants than jobs, it seems.  It wouldn't be a top-tier school, as they generally only hire native speakers, if they hire foreigners.

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