Job offer at Petro-Rabigh

Good Morning,

My husband accepted a job offer at Petro-Rabigh in July 2017.  Just wanted to know how long does this process take before he will be moving to Saudi Arabia?

The minimum time frame you should be looking is from 2/3 months, but it Can extend really long........ depending on the various processes to be completed !! Good luck

Hello, I am pretty much in the same position. Accepted the offer this week through a recruiter and now comes the long wait. Please keep us posted on your husband's timeline, I will provide updates on mine.
I am currently living in Dubai.

Hi folks,

I am living in Abu Dhabi and have signed the contract with PR in July, 2017.
I am too waiting for the Govt approval, after which they will ask us to go for the pre- employment medical, in our country of origin..

Please keep me updated if you have any recent developments.


Any One Cannot say about the time frame required for this processes here so following up regularly with them is advisable.

Hello, any updates from your husband's side? Did he completed the visa process? I am still waiting for the government approval of the visa, in order to start the visa process. It looks very suspicious, it's been five moths already since I signed the offer. Is it just me or is it a general problem right now?

Thank you for your feedback in advance.


He went over in November 2017. It is a long process. It took 4 months for him.

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