Converting Spouse Sponsored KITAS to KITAP

Hello, I am looking for information on the steps towards turning a spouse sponsored KITAS into KITAP. I have already been married for 2 years and been on KITAS for two years, it will expire in a few weeks. We were planning to extend KITAS for one more year, but I am interested in what exactly is required to go to KITAP. It's hard to get information from our regional immigration office, seems like they don't know the steps themselves. Plus that regional office is 3 hour drive and then 12 hour ferry ride away from our home.

So for my husband and I to apply for KITAP, where would we need to go? How many times to each different office?

If we decide to use an agent, does anyone have contact details for an agent who charges around 25 million from North Sumatra?

Thanks for any info! I've read a lot of older posts but it's always good to hear recent first-hand info!

Really easy but you might need a little more than just a few weeks.

Go to your local immigration with every form and photocopy you think you might need, then add a few you don't think you'll need and ask to apply.
They're likely to do home visits and so on to make sure you're really married but there isn't much stopping you getting a KITAP without an agent.
I think the price is about 5 or 6 million but I'm a touch out of date.
The rest is down to where your local immigration office is because you have to go to the provincial capitol to get some forms stamped but that isn't too big a hassle.
Very easy if your office is Jakarta but South Tangerang is Serang and most of Central Java is Semarang.

Thanks Fred, I know I'm probably a bit late starting for this year, but usually we can get things done in one day at the local immigration office, I know KITAP is different.

We live on an island, so the "local" immigration office is an overnight ferry trip, the regional immigration office is a flight away, and then there's the Jakarta office as well. To apply for KITAP, would we need to go to each office once, or back and forth back and forth between the regional and local offices? That's where the cost and time could add up in our situation.

Also, does anyone know if I apply for KITAP but my KITAS expires before it is processed, how does that work?

Mine did but immigration said it wasn't a problem as they knew the application was in process and they had no objections to it being issued.
That was purely informal but I was without an immigration document for about a month.
Your local people decide so it's 100% with them.

U can.t apply for your Kitap..if your Kitas has must be valid..or at least your Kitap is in progress...People believe this to be permenent residency...but when u look at it ,,,there.s is no permenent residency,,,as u still have to renew..some friends of mine r now comming back to a Kitaps r gettn a little bit harder..I did try once..but the rude immigration guy..wanted a Kitas for 5 years...1990/s law..I showed him a print out of The Presidents Ratification..2013..of a Kitap after 2 years of marriage....but he just wouldn.t accept it..after your 1st 5 years..your Kitap is around 10 million Rp..for the 2nd...Fred.s about right around 5 mill or so for your 1st doing it yourself.,,u.ll be ripped off if u use an agent.cheers.

Immigration officers should follow the guidelines. If they don't you can speak with the Law & Human Rights Department in your area for clarification on the regulations. They are above immigration as far as foreigners are concerned and they are the people who send foreigners to jail, deport them and also naturalize them as an Indonesian citizens.

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