Where do expats gather in Koh Samui and Chiang Mai ?

Hi everyone , my name is Vincent and I hopefully going to relocate in Thailand , koh Samui is where I am considering but I will also look at Chiang Mai ..

I have read some posts with some positives and negatives , but I feel you make it what you want ..
I believe there are expats in both places , can anyone tell me if expat get together often  or there is some club for the expats ?



Me in samui. Slow to find club..
Robert and Wan

In Chiang Mai there is a Chiang Mai Ex Pat's Club, it's listed as CEC. They have two breakfasts a month, the first and third Friday, and a presentation meeting on the last Saturday of the month. That is a start. In the inner city and it's adjoining area there are many places expat's hang out in, bar's, coffee shops, or restaurants. Since English is an international language most people in the down town area have at least some English and your never know from what part of the world they come from. The Russians do seem to be stand offish. There are also activity sub groups from the expats clubs. Plus there are many small groups. One is a dining out group. A few of the bars have trivia contests. There's a backgammon group. Another resource for information is a magazine that is on line called City Life. There is a photographer by the name of Steve and he posts an activity list on a weekly basis. You might be able to get his email address via the magazine or catch his while he is taking pictures at many of the events. If someone is bored in CM then it's their own fault because there is a multitude of activities with inviting people around.

A plus and minus of Chiang Mai. Last I heard the official record of expats living in Chiang Mai is 30,000. That may be the record of retirement visa's, which would not include many others who are here on vacation or limited visa, such as 90 days. There are also a lot of IT nomads in the area, which adds to that count. With those number you have congestion and the automobile smog. There there's the issue of the smoky season. There are many who leave the area, or stay inside during that season. I know some people who enjoy Chiang Mai but because of the congestion and smoke have left the area. There is also a group that use Chiang Mai as a winter vacation area. I enjoy Chiang Mai but at times there are some things that do get to me.

Just sharing some thoughts.

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