Work visa & DP10

my boss had applied for employment visa that got rejected & now he again applied for DP10  visa
he not gave the any details of any Visa till now he just say it is under process only got approved that much he told ... If got approved y not give ref number so that i can check the status

OK you are trying to work in IT.

Once the appeal has been successful, only then can a Visa with Reference be arranged by the immigration department in KL. It would communicate with the Malaysian High Commission responsible for issuing the calling visa. You would contact the MHC to make the arrangements.

I don't think there is a MHC in Bangalore, but there is one in Chennai, New Dehli and Mumbai ( )

Sometimes another country will provide services on behalf of Malaysian immigration if there is no MHC at a location and a long distance to the nearest MHC. You could ask your "boss" which MHC or other embassy will be issuing the Visa with Reference.

This is the Example of Ref Number by Immigration
when it is submitted & when it get cleared its current status which is going on
ALL details come to know

Type your reference number and click �Search�.
No.      Reference Number    Date of Submission    Date of Clearance    status
                    MYSA05791917    01/8/2017    0/0/0   
                    MYSA05810317    01/8/2017    0/0/0   

                    MYSA05741017    28/7/2017    01/8/2017    Approved

                    MYSA05726517    28/7/2017    0/0/0

When we submit the application atlest any acknowledgment are any ref number has to be given right but i dont have any thing to check

The example you have given has nothing to do with getting a work permit in Malaysia, it is for a visa to India. 

The employer has access to the online work permit system but not the applicant. The employer has to arrange for the Visa with Reference release:

From the FAQ

How will the Visa with Reference be issued?
There are two ways for the Visa with Reference to be issued:
•    You can get it issued by presenting the approval letter at the MYXpats Centre counter.
•    The Visa with Reference will also be made available through the system soon.

u send me pvt mesg i let u know

How about you accept there is no way for a "prospective employee" to check.

i want to show u some thing

Sorry. I have told you my opinion.

y am saying is i want to give my passport no. n some other number to check so tht u also come to know

I am not involved in immigration. I can't help you. There is nowhere to check except the MSC website I suggested before which you tried and said it did not give any result. Your "boss" is the only person who can assist you. Employers for DP10 do not charge people RM11k. … n-charges/

am not able to send messg to u but i have recived ur mesg

Go to bottom of the page and report you cannot use your PM at the "Contact Us"

Hy....when its visa professionelle then ur boss must have a letter of registration....and dp10 you can check first when the Sticker comes out. ..only to info

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