EXPAT Gatherings

I have been reading with great interest questions and responses here in the forum - and learning much from the various exchanges. I am wondering if any of your Expats ever get together vice logging in time on here? If ever I had a wish, it would be get rid of this damn computer! Face to face is the best way to communicate in my opinion.......cheers everyone!

2VPsoldier that is a good question.

I am up to meet up.  I totally agree that face to face is the best way to meet new people.

let see what others need to say.

My wife and I will be in Punta Cana for two months beginning mid August. Anything going on there? We'll also be making a trip to the north coast area as well during this time. We're hoping to find a long term rental (not sure if it will be in PC or the north coast).

Any place that folks meet to watch American football?

I will be in Moca from 22 Sep and returning to AB on 17 Oct. I will then be heading to my Arizona residence. Depending on how things go during the Sep/Oct visit will determine just how quickly I will return to DR. But knowing if there are occasions and locations where like minded folks might meet would be awesome. I mean, the DR is not large. Having lived on the Prairies (or anywhere in Canada), travel for a distance is not an issue. Having also spent time in countries like Bosnia, where the road system makes a 2 hour drive in Canada into a six hour drive, I still no issue in getting around DR....

Once you are here and driving these roads you m8ght feel different.

I go between Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo pretty regularly.

You all set something up and I will do my best to attend!

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