Long term employment visa process time form India


I am from India. I recently got job in czech replubic. Since past 4 months i am waiting for my appointment in net delhi for long term resident visa. every time i open https://visapoint.eu/ website and click on long term visa it say:

UTC, India (भारत)  New Delhi, Long-term residence permit
We are deeply sorry for your inconvenience. However currently there are no available terms for submission of applications due to temporary high interest of applicants for residence permits which consequently caused an occupation of all slots. Registration in the system VisaPoint is possible in maximum advance of 30 days. Available dates are released continuously. The system automatically releases available terms randomly at various intervals (hours or days) a few times a week. Please try to make your registration later. It is recommended, in your own interest, to periodically verify whether there is an available term.

May i know applying visa to czech republic is so touch ?

Or i am missing something and trying to take appointment in wrong way.

Could you suggest how can i apply for my visa appointment.




Hi Ankit,

Did you manage to get the visa appointment at visapoint.eu portal?

If yes, can you help to share details - did you get it by yourself or you took help of any other party?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @ramawat,

I still did not able to get visa appointment at visapoint.eu

I am hopeless and looking for help for getting visa.



Did you have any luck with visapoint.eu?. Any idea when are they releasing dates?. I have been trying and didn't get through it.

Thanks in advance.
Hoping to hear from you soon.

For everyone's benefit.. I've received reply from Indian Czech consulate. Seems there is no way out to try either by yourself or hire an agency for visa booking & assistance::

Dear Sir

We are very sorry but there are too many applicants applying for the long term visa and therefore all the slots are booked immediately. The appointments for the long term visa can be booked only through  visapoint.eu.

Visa and Consular Section
Embassy of the Czech Repubic

my email:
Dear Sir/Madam,
I've been trying to book an appointment slot for my long term residence permit for past 1.5 months.
Unfortunately, I always receive a regret message saying no slots are available.
I'm very disappointed & agonizingly tired of this portal due to unavailability of appointments, no matter what time of the day or night I try.
Please confirm, if you can help me to reserve an appointment via email, if I provide you with requisite information.

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