Looking for job in Lyon

Hello every one!
My name is Madalin and i come from Romania, i have 24 years and i just finished my master degree in Security and relations internationals specialized in European security. I'm looking for a job as much as possible in this area or as anlyst area. I have a very big motivation to learn new things and to adapt my study experience in the new job. I'm available to start as soon as possible being able to present my CV and Motivation letter any time. I'm also ready for interviews to show my real qualities and motivations, being open to a free discussion.
I know 3 languages English- fluent, French- level b2 , and spanish- basics.
Thank you very much!

Hi Madalin92,

Welcome on board  :)

Could you please post this ad in the dedicated section ?

- Jobs in Lyon

Thanks in advance,

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