Going to Australia

Hello everyone... :)

My name is Supri, I am a girl from Jakarta-Indonesia.

I will spend my summer holiday in Australia.
I need information about transportation and accomodation near Sydney, a nice and comfy guest house or apartment near Opera House.

Thank you for your attention.


Sorry to say but the closer you are to the city centre the more expensive the accommodation becomes. Prices range from $80 to $270 a night.

I suggest that you go online and check the prices out for yourself and perhaps look at other areas to stay in a bit further away. The trains and buses are good to travel on so look for something near a train station.

A good map will help you too.

Hello and thank you stumpy for the information.

I would like to visit University of Sydney, perhaps can you suggest me which area are most students live in Sydney?

Thank you and regards,

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