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Where can I find a reliable shop that provides the service of installing a new battery for a watch (Invicta) without paying an arm and a leg. I live and work in District 7

I hope you would know a Vietnamese / friend,  she/he would buy it for you


-  Watch Time.  The only location shown in Saigon is in Binh Thanh (246 Xô Viết Nghệ Tĩnh).  According to their website, the cost to replace a battery is between 80K and 200K.

- ShopDongHo.VN has many locations in Saigon (2 in Phu Nhuan, 2 in Go Vap, 2 in Thu Duc, one in each location: Q 1, Q 6, Q 11, Go Vap, and Tan Binh).  No price listed.

There are other people with the same question as yours on other (Vietnamese) forums, and the answers I found there are all and the same:   Japanese batteries (Sony and Maxwell): 150K.  Chinese batteries: less than 100K.

-  A Casio website explains that the cost for batteries are varied for the types of watch:  For Quarts watches, it's 40K - 80K.  For Eco-Drive watches, it's 800K.  For Kinetic watches, it's 700K - 1M.

There are at least a dozen watch shops that say they replace batteries, but since no price is listed, I'm not going to mention them all.  Some of them, (Đồng hồ Mỹ Tân, Tân Tân Watch, Đồng hồ Tân Minh, Đồng hồ Hiếu Tín, Đồng hồ A Cao, Anh Nguyen, etc.) are recommended by many people and mentioned by other websites.

I don't know anything about watches; the info above are from reading half a dozen Vietnamese websites.  All of the above shops indicate a 12, 24, or 36 month warranty on their batteries.

If I were in need of a watch battery, I would be happy to pay 150K for a Japanese battery.  That price is much lower than what we had paid in the States.

thank you for the help

Agree with Ciambella, go for the Japanese batteries which would probably last longer, otherwise you may end up visiting the shop again if you go for a cheaper option.

If you do find a good shop that you used, please do post here so that it may help others too. That's what the forum is about.  :)


My wife is cheap. She goes to Queenwatch on Tran Hung Dao D1, see them on Facebook . They will change it while you wait. If you go to a store for example in Vincom Center, they are useless, they will send your watch out.

Thanks for the tip on Queenwatch, Gobot.  We'll use them when spouse's watch battery needs to be replaced.

I would have asked my nieces and nephews but it seems no one wears watch anymore when they can see time on their phones.  Myself, I can't wear anything on my wrist because it's exceptionally small, a regular watch band would wrap around it twice.

I went to Tan Tan Clock. Changed the battery while  i waited and a got a year warranty. Very helpful and professional.

Good to know, Gunner.  Another tip to add to my Google Keep.  Which Tân Tân did you go to?

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