renewing study permit (permesso di soggiorno) 15 days after expiration

Dear All,

I am a first year master student in Italy. today I found that study permit is expired within last 12 days . I am very worried about that. i was very busy with my studies and June and July were exam months. I would be so much grateful if somebody can help me out about renewing it?


You need to go to your local Questura and ask what you need to do; they are the ones with the answers.

Your Permesso is valid for renewal upto 2 months after date of expiry. This is because they understand that students are traveling home at certain times or unable to keep track due to exams etc. In some cases even 3 months but I would recommend you work with two months. You can go ahead and apply for renewal at the Poste and may have to pay a fee of 40euros. I was in a similar situation but did not face any problems. Good luck.

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