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Now I KNOW it's not wise, and I'm no dummy although this question might make me seem that way.. IF I was to send money to a young lady I met in DR, what would be a respectable amount that would not make me out to be a miser, yet still guarantee my "seat at the table" if you will, each time I return.. I don't know the cost of living, so I don't want to send too much. I don't know how far $1.00 USD goes and I don't want to potentially support her and some mystery husband or boyfriend but I may be interested in a "good faith" contribution monthly... She hasn't asked for money.. But I'd like to be prepared to know what is more than excessive if she did ask so that I know if I'm being taken for a ride....  thank you

Well  let me chime in -   your seat at the table is guaranteed based on the fact you will bring money.   And frankly if the seat is taken find another table.  There are lots and lots of tables here.

Not only does that sound like solid advice but it made me laugh...very well said😂

Thsnks!!   :cool:

Yep lots of tables around.  Don't waste your $$.

Bob K

A lot of girls have several guys sending them 'allowances' every  month, and you will likely be just one of serval that she has too.

Yea.... the more I think of it and listen to everyone's sound advise the more silly I sound.. Thanks

Yes, and if you go back and find her, and she won't go out with you because you didn't send her money, then that will be confirmation that she's just another 'chapeadora', like most of them.

No man ever needs to go hungry in the Dominican republic,  Save your $$ for when you are here to partake of the menue!

It's a good sign that she hasn't asked for money, but I would get to know her a lot better before wasting money. If you are just looking for a "seat at the table", don't waste your money. I live near Sosua and I see the young ladies standing in line at the Western Union to collect their money from their "boyfriends". By the way, the average wage for a good job is about $350 USD per month. There are many wonderful woman in the DR,  if you are looking in right places.

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