Private/International schools - 8 y.o. with slight memory issues


We are moving to malta unexpectedly sooner than planned, and need to look asap at getting our 2 boys into school (Y5 (maybe 4, due to UK school year cutoffs being different), and Y1.  We also have a 2 y.o. girl, however at this point it is the boys who are a priority.  We have not seen any of the schools and I am going with information i'm finding online.  Please can anyone give us any feedback on the schools below (with particular note to the following paragraph!)...  Or any other schools you think may be particularly good?

Our 8 year old has mild epilepsy which slightly affects his memory; he has trouble manipulating things in his head and needs to repeat learning at times.  We are looking for a school which will hopefully support him during the school day, so that he doesn't just 'give up' when he can't follow.  He also needs a lot of physical exercise else he finds it hard to concentrate/learn (so anything without a playground etc may be a challenge), and needs 'prodding' to work, so smaller class sizes are probably a good thing.

At this point,
- we are on a waiting list for Chiswick (which has a space for the younger, but not the older, but that would put us high on the list);
- QSI has spaces for both (but is not close to where we were thinking of living - tigne point - and is a lot more expensive than the private schools);
- Newark seems to have indicated that they have space, though I'm yet to speak with them (and i think they may not have a playground?)
- Verdala said they have long waiting lists so not likely to be an option at this point.

All the other schools I'm still trying to get hold of to find more information.

Many thanks!

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