EP and DP Visa renewal processing time

How much time will it take to renew EP visa and DP visa including both stage 1 and stage 2.

Is it a parallel process or first EP visa will get renewed and after that DP visa

Parallel process. I seem to recall that Immigration suggests applying (Stage I) 3 months before expiry. Endorsement (Stage II) can take place at a later stage, nearer expiry. It's probably to protect EP holders if the company turns out to have issues with its quota, etc.

If you look at page 22 it explains what documents you need to submit for a renewal

Renewal of the pass can be considered depending on the requirements

Documents required:
Latest 3 months salary slips (for Employment Pass renewal and change of position)
Latest e-BE /e-M tax filing (for Employment Pass renewal or change of position or change  of employer)
Tax payment receipts (if any)
Latest EA Form (for Employment Pass renewal or change of position or change of employer)
Account statement from Malaysia Inland Revenue Board (Note: upon request)

Thanks Gravitas.

If i have received stage 1 letter,then how much time will it take to endorse.

About 10 days. But they wont give you two visas at one time, so it will need to be endorsed on expiry or very close to. See above about the extra documents needed regarding income tax. Allowing good time to process Stage I is probably due to these requirements which are relatively new. I thought immigration also wanted to see copies of your account into which the salary was paid. In other words, be prepared for other requests not stated (which all take time to carry out)

hi I just want to know my boss have applied for me dp10 visa..... I want to know if immigration will send reference number to the employer or to the employee.... because whenever I ask about reference number my boss not giving me any details of applied visa I just want to know he's any right of the employee to get reference number or visa ..... and I want to know in how many days will I get reference number after applying and when I get the calling visa how's it going later to travel the country .... it is mandatory that can we take extension visa in tourist visa it is possible to take extension visa when I ask my boss how about extension visa he told it is not possible to apply in tourist visa lastly I want to ask how I get my reference number which I applied for a visa

y why immigration people will not give any details to the employee I want to know my reference number to check my status of visa but I don't have my reference number then how could check online for visa

The process is between the employer and immigration because the DP10 application has two parts: 1. the company has to apply for permission to hire a foreigner, and 2. the foreigner who is proposed has to be approved as a suitable candidate to fill the post in terms of immigration rules.

When this DP10 (Stage I) approval is completed successfully, a document is produced by immigration. It is shared with the nearest Malaysian High Commission in the employee's country and only then can s/he apply for the Visa with Reference to be placed in their passport.

There is a check on this website: but it is for knowledge workers of MSC registered company recruitments.

Can I check online status of visa to check visa status need ref no. Its already 3month over I did not receive anything

Well, I did give a visa checker using passport number in the post above. (I don't know if it works - so don't rely on it.) Are you trying to work in the IT industry here?

In that web site it not show any thing ... when i put passport number it show no result found...yes for IT they hired me,,,,,

Hi, how's your visa status? I am still waiting for the calling visa in my home country right now. And i have no idea how to check the status :(

Only your employer can check the status through ESD..there is no reference no. Can not you ask the update from your employer

This is not right. If your employment pass application for renewal is approved you can endorse it immediately.

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