Work Permits in Manila ? Do i need invitation?


I am an Australian on Extended Tourist Visa with the  ACR I-Card
I have decided to look for a job here in Manila.

I have been told by phone applications from possible employers that i can go get a Work Permit then call them back.


Do i need a letter from employer to get a Work Permit to search for Jobs in Manila?

Your advice on this would be much appreciated,

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It might be helpful to know what kind of work you are looking for.

Hi Fortune Favors the Bold,

Senior Account/ Projects Manager Events/Exhibits.
Head of Production...

Yah you do need a letter from them, but that is the ever problem most foreigners face once they decide to find a job here. There are a lot of companies who would want you, however would not want to take on the responsibilities and costs on getting you the required visa and permit. Just as in your case, they will tell you to go ahead and get the work permit and they will hire you. How is that? i thought if a company wants you they do all necessary step to employ you. From my own findings, i found out there is a lot of requirements and money involved in companies employing a foreign national, thereby companies tend to avoid this and there is also the factor of most companies not knowing the law. A friend ever went to a company and did all the interviews and everything and even signed a contract only to be told by the manager the next day he has to go get a work permit and come back.

All what am trying to put across is there is a length procedure which also involves a good amount of cash to secure you the employment permit and working visa which no company will do for you unless you speak a different language or have a special skill.  Good luck



it is the responsibility per company to get the working permits and visa for their expat workers, since they are petitioner of the visas and permits. but it depends on the deal if the foreigner agree.

Thanks Libra,

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