Resigned and left Oman in 2015 with pending loan closure from Finance

Hello Friends,

I am resigned and left Oman in Jan 2015., During my resignation i closed all of my pending loans / credit cards to get NOC for my exit from the country. Now i am working in Bangkok in different company.

recently, 6 months back i received a mail from ****** finance company, where i took a gold loan by saying that to close my last month due(57 OMR). I was bit surprised and i don't remember how do i missed out this last month payment.
so i was reaching the branch manager and understand the payment, which is pending to close with some penalty(100 OMR). now i am okay to close this amount immediately with all penalties.

Branch manager asked me to get someone help in Oman to transfer amount and to pay in counter to close it . but i don't have any reference right now in Oman, though its more than a year.
So i am afraid of  current situation.

can you please help me to understand the real situation??
they will put me in Jail? / or block my passports in Oman if i entry again...????

anyway i am working to get some one help to transfer money and close my pending loan. But having worry on my incomplete loan payment....!!!!

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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