1 million pesos? ??

Hello, I got a crazy hypothetical question? ? Is 1 million pesos a lot of money in DR like a 1 million US dollars are in America?  I ask this question because it sounds crazy that 1 dollar is roughly 47 pesos out there? Is there a catch to this or is this a dream come true lol? Trying to understand the difference between currencies.

Things are cheaper for sure, but they aren't free lol!, the conversion just takes time getting used to. Example if you buy a condo for $100,000 US its 4,711.669 pesos which sounds crazy to us but it's still 100k.

Ok thanks for your response. Lol

Everything is relative!!!

Rules of thumb everything imported is expensive. Like good beef.

Everything made here with local ingredients is cheap - like rum

Labor is almost always cheaper. So labor intensive things are less expensive.

A million pesos - to  a Dominican who earn 12,000 pesos a month is a huge sum

To an American with a good pension it isnt all that much.

Its relative!

Thanks again and again.

Very welcome honey.

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