I am considering in this moment an offer in Shanghai and I have few questions about the""EXTRA HOUSING COSTS"

What I'd like to know is how much these costs (electricity/water/gas/internet provider...) I will have on top of my monthly rate budget? (for a 2 bdr.)

I know that in summer I will have to use Air C. and in winter due to the fact that most of the "old house" don't have a double glazing... the heating will be high consumption!

Thanks in advance for any kinds of infos that will helpful for me to feel "save"! ;-)

I am looking forward to reading you soon!


for winter EB will go upto 1000 if you using all night long.
internet 200/month

Many thanks Wisemaro for your useful infos!

My bills for a 100sq. meter flat are this:

Electric--150-200/month (maybe 300 if it's VERY warm)
Water--60-100/ 3 months

Electric--600/month (in very cold months)
Water--60-100/ 3 months

I pay internet annually. 1500 for 50mbps.

If you have old AC / heater units, it can be more cost effective for you to buy a space heater rather than use the AC heater. A large space heater will draw about half the watts of an older AC unit. Do check the specs on your unit to see if you can save money that way.

Also, electric hot water bottles are a way to keep the bed warm if you don't want to use heaters. They draw the same power as an old incandescent light bulb.

Ceiling fans and high ceilings are things to look for help keep the place cool during the summer.

Many thanks mond5004 for your very detailed and useful answers!
these extra are more or less the same than in Europe... I was hoping that maybe in China they would be cheaper... ;-)
Concerning your internet access that means you don't have unlimited connections ?

Everyone has a Wi-Fi router. If you have the Wi-Fi router password,you can get on the internet. 50mbps is the data speed. I chose to pay for a 1year package and just renew it every 12 months. It is easier than remembering to pay monthly subscriptions.

You can also get "pay as you go" internet, where your monthly bill is based on the data you use, but generally your data speeds are very low fire that kind of plan.

I suppose it's also cheaper if you subscribe directly for one year package, isn't?
And can you use it as much as you want without any extra costs?
What about the VPN? Did you pay for it or you managed to find one free?

Exactly. The cost for a one year subscription is cheaper in the long run and you can use it as much as you need to.

As for VPN service, I use a digital VPN (VPN app) rather than a VPN router. It works just as well. Mine is ExpressVPN, but there are others. It helps to have it installed on your computer before you arrive.

Hi. I was about 300 RMB by month (excluding Internet)

Thanks tabacaru!
It seems that you are not spending a lot of utilities! That is good to know...

Indeed. Electricity and water are heavily subsidised by the government. That keeps costs low.

Then if you want to save cost with heating, you will winter proof you apartment.
With few purchased from taobao I got my electrisity bill go down from 500 to 250 rmb.

Also with my balcony door I created a double glass effect with a cheap purchase.

I would allocate 2000 RMB to cover the other expenses and costs over and above rent.

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