Primrose Hill Intermark - opinions?!

Hi all,

My wife and I are about to take the plunge and move to KL in the coming months along with our two kids (three and five).

We're currently in the throes of trying to find a good international school/kindy to send our children to, but are also limited by the fact that:

a) my employer is not paying for the kids' education, and
b) I won't be earning anywhere near enough to afford the 70,000 - 140,000 Ringgit price tag of the swanky schools like Alice Smith, ISKL, AIS, BIS etc. 

So, our challenge is to find something a bit more reasonably priced, but still not ridiculously far from KLCC (where I'll be working). We've seen some information online about Primrose Hill, and it looks really interesting, but I've seen no reviews or feedback anywhere on the net. Anyone have any insight into whether this is a good option? Or a bad one?!!

It's in a shopping mall/office block - so not the ideal environment. Perhaps look at international schools which have kindy option, so as not to have to move the children. A lot also depends where you intend to live (i.e. will that be in KLCC/Bukit Bintang?). Some kids from the city  go to Fairview - - … al-school/

If your budget extends this might be of interest - Eton House Malaysia - as it's right in KLCC, walking distance. You would need to check if there are waiting lists at all schools.

Hai, i hope it’s not too late to reply.. For me even if primrose hill is inside the avenue K mall but if u going to that mall u can’t easily find where’s the primrose at.. It’s far from the crowded and noise.. Primrose is a affordable school for me, they use the active learning method. They also have an outdoor activity like field trip so ur children will not get bored only playing inside the school.. Oh and they also provide meals for all the children, the specially chef cooking for all the children, and they will ask first if ur child have an alergic or not with some of food. You will not regret if ur child join the primrose. Fyi my son just join about 3 months ago and i notice that he getting better in conversation and have a bette communication with people, he learn so much from there.. Hope my opinion will help you.. Thanks

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