Moving to Maldives

Please in the next 2weeks I will be moving to the Maldives from Nigeria
Pls I want to know what are the things I need to bring along with me, I have a one year contract with a company there.
Pls help me with what and what I really need to bring to avoid to much lodge
Cos I heard that thing and pretty expensive their especially cloth
Pls I need help

Welcome to Maldives.
When you come to Maldives try to bring a few clothes and whatever favorite type of snack or food that you like. In Maldives everything is imported and therefore the prices are very high. But once you get used to the system within a few months you will have no issues living here.

Thanks so much

Pls I want to thank the admin for this wonderful forum
Thanks a lot and Weldon
My question is, I want to know how many T shirts, trousers, shoes sleeves and how much dollars do need to bring for just month before my first month salary comes, how to much am I supposed to bring to Maldives because I understand that things are so expensive their pls if u have any answer pls let me know

I would suggest that you bring few clothes when you come. The number of clothes totally depends on your need and style.
About the money, you would need atleast 200-300$ at hand for settling including food. As for accommodation, you would need $1000-2000 for rent including deposit.

Thanks so much KobaP, the company I am going to work for has provided accommodation, I only have 100$ cash with me to spend for one month before I receive my salary wil, this not be enough

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