Opening a new business in DR

Start by reading the multiple forums here.  Then ask some folks in the business community where you plan on living/working.

Bob K

Thank you

You are welcome and good luck

Bob K

Hi Bob,

Is it easy, difficult, and/or costly to open a microdistillery in the Punta Cana area?  Do you have any information and/or web links on the regulations and taxes/fees required?  I would start by just selling to local resorts and stores in the DR.



opening a business here is time consuming, frustrating, costly & the procedure is not logical. A suggestion for you. It is just my opinion, but your photo makes you look a bit arrogant & a touch supercilious. I'm sure that is not your intent. A more friendly visage could stand you in better stead.  Don't take offense, just my thoughts.  Read & study the revalant threads & persue your goals. Good luck & welcome.  I hope you will distill a top notch rum. I love a good quality rum, such as Cruzan Single Barrel, a true sipping rum.

Thanks for the input.


Sorry I know nothing about that type of business but I do not see it doing well..  Sorry

Bob K

I know something   about it. It will be difficult as it is somewhat of a controlled Industry. Money and politics controls it. It will be a tough go.

Welcome to the forums.

To judge someone based on their profile picture.... Really? Rather arrogant isn't that!

Carefully read my words. I never stated that he was arrogant.  I said that it could possibly be construed as such. Read carefully, whomever assumed the content was negative? I actually was being constructive.  I do agree with Planner on the inherent difficulties of opening   that kind of business.  Bless you all during the holidays.

Of course you checked out where the dr scores on the lists like: ease of doing business......economic freedom, etc.   What numbers did you get on those?

I did read and thought your comments very inappropriate.

Yes on the ease of doi g business  we score low, with good reason.

To each their own, no matter how much at variance they may be with others. Just ask for the opinion of others. You are correct in the obstacles that are before him. I wish him success in his desire to enrich the rum market as I am a devout consumer of libations containing high quality ingredients.  By the way my dog is pregnant, anyone looking for an exceptional puppy, PM me.

People are mentioning the challenges of starting a business in DR. Is there a separate post that outlines some of the issues and strategies to mitigate them? Are there some businesses that are more difficult than others to initiate? Or are certain locations easier to work with the local city council? From what I’ve read elsewhere, the government seems “open for business” including sustainable tourism. From your perspective, how would that term be defined? We’re thinking of owning a boutique hotel - either build ourselves or purchase an existing one. Thought?

The actual processes of opening any company is ridiculous here. After that it just continues regardless of where here.

Next week I will start a business thread!

Hi Planner,
I’d greatly appreciate a thread devoted to this topic outlining the issues and possible ways to minimize them. Thanks again. Merry Christmas. It’s -15 Celsius here in the Interior of BC Canada :)

Happy to help! Merry Christmas

come soon & tan up! Have fortitude & patience, jump thru their hoops & laugh at it all. You can succeed. What type of business have you had experience with & to what depth did you delve in the intrincies (sp) of operation?  Wish you well & good luck in your ventures.

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