Shipping companies HCMC

I need to ship personal items, a small box, back to Europe. (around 20kg)

What is your experience with shipping companies and would you recommend any?

i don't think 20kg demands a freight company.  At that size ocean shipping will not be appreciably less expensive. 

You could go with any one of the big three, DHL, FEDEX, or UPS.  As DHL has European roots (unintended pun) they might be better to Europe.  I have never used them for personal shipping, but I know from my experience while with the maize seed industry that DHL was the best for handling the international paperwork to South America.  All three have main offices near Tan Son Nhat and likely have branch offices in D1 as well. 

Steer clear of VNPT and whatever company you pick, insist that they not subcontract to VNPT.  If they do there are sure to be delays.

H,,, I'd love to help for a friend of mine works with UPS, he can cut you a better deal than if you contact directly with the big three, on the other hand for 20kg why don't you take it with when you go home ... furthermore personal items must be declared, the whole thing can be complicated. Let me know.

I have used some time VNPT send privat item to Austria, needs about 3-4 weeks never any problem. You have to bring the parcel open to the VNPT Parcel office for check.

Same as Karl, I have sent stuff back to Australia via sea mail with VNPT(post office)

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