I need a prepaid credit card I can top UK in sterling in the uk

Hi, I'm Frank and as you guess I'm from England. I have a beautiful girlfriend and we are getting married next year however what I really need is a prepaid credit card I can top up hear in the UK with sterling, I look forward to hearing from British expats and any advise is most helpful. Thank you

Hi Frank,
I'm a Brit also, I use my Barclaycard here with no problems at all and pay it from my UK bank account as usual.  Not sure what your problem is ?

I need a prepaid card for my girlfriend as she has never had the luxury of having a bank account.

To be honest, it would be easier to set up a bank account here for her.

We tried, not that easy.

Really? I opened mine through my wife with PNB no problem.

Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?

Hi Frank,  have you seen the Revolut card?
They give the best rates I've seen for ATM withdrawal and card purchase.
You manage the card with an app on your phone.
I too have a girlfriend who isn't used to having a bank account. With Revolut I ordered a second card for £6 and have given it to her. I can set a spending limit on it and even disable it from the phone app.
I just top up when needed using a debit card from my UK bank account.
For me it's the perfect solution.

Thanks everyone, the revolut card looks good

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