Pond liners and pond equipment

Hi ,does anybody know of a pond specialist shop that operates in Bulgaria?
I know you can pick up one or two things in the likes of HomeMax etc but I'm talking about actual shops specialising in ponds and large water features etc

Thanks in advance!

Check these:




you can find more here:

I would suggest to contact a company, close to your location.

Thanks Kristiann,

I'll check those out! 😉

Hi, I'm still looking for pond liners etc and stores that specialise in pond equipment- does this exist in Bulgaria?
Unfortunately the links Kristiann, were just for pool specialists.

Hi Jules,

you may want to inet search for: изолация за фонтани и езера

That will bring up quite a few shops specialising in pond equipment.

Good luck :-)

Aw thank you R! I'll take a look at those 😉

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