Concept of Certified True Copy of Marriage Certificate in India

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I am planning to move from India to KL in a month or so.
This is a general inquiry post. Here are two things I need to consider,

Point 1. For Stage 2 (Endorsement): Amongst the checklist provided for Dependent Pass,  here is the mention of 'Certified True Copy':

'Original Certified True Copy of marriage certificate
(wife/husband) or birth certificate (children below 18 years old)
by respective Embassy in Malaysia. '

Reference: … 042015.pdf

My AS-IS understanding of CTC from attestation agents/reading articles/calling up authorities in Passport office(s) whose numbers were patched in during my call with Consulate Authorities would be:

Q1. Should this be performed on a Color Xerox (copy) or Original Document of Marriage Certificate?

1. Obtain a signature from State Department (Government).
Q2. If I am living in a particular city belong to a particular state (let's say the state is Pandora) and my marriage certificate belongs to another state (Let's say the state is Asgard), should I be applying for the Certified True Copy of marriage certificate to Asgard's State Dept or Pandora's?

2. Obtain a signature from Ministry of External Affairs

3.  Get a stamp from Malaysian Consulate.
Q2. Which consulate location? Can this be either of New Delhi/Mumbai/Chennai or this can be done once reaching KL.

I am eager to understand this as a prescient effort for getting prepared for Stage 2 processing.

I would be glad if anyone could help out based on information you may know/would have witnessed this procedure first-hand to get a CTC done.

Point 2: Is there a constraint that if my passport is issued at Location/City A whose closest consulate is in City B and my MDEC letters are referencing to Consulate in City C, then can I apply journey visa at Consulate at city C or should I go with changing my MDEC letters to refer to Consulate in City B?

Q3. People have differed views. As far as calling the consulates in both locations (B and C) - they were fine with the application at C.

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An attestation is usually done as a certified copy, i.e. the Notary makes a copy or you take one along together with the original, and they endorse the copy. You could check the information on the Indian HC in Malaysia website … ular.html# or ask the questions regarding Indian protocol there. The website does mention about endorsement and authentication. Check for your driving licence as well.

Immigration in Malaysia just inform the HC in the Indian city that you wish to present your passport for the Visa with Reference e.g.

Keeping things as simple as possible is always best when dealing with any immigration matters.

Black/White copies are usually sufficient for immigration in Malaysia.

Don't forget your Driving Licence - … ense.html#

@Gravitas Thank you so much for your reply. I understand that checking with the Indian High Commission in Malaysia is another perspective of the process to obtain the Certified True Copy.

Also, thanks for the additional information on DL.

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