Dear Friends

I got an offer letter from HARRODWILLSON CONSTRUCTION LTD., LAGOS without any interview with a handsome package of $6000 per month. But the company is now asking for INR 28000 for securing immigration documents with the help of Lawyer. Can any body in this group help me to know is this company is genuine. Moreover, should i pay the money.

Please help me in this regard.
Bal Krishan

Forget it and any other job that requires you to pay any fees.

OK sir thanks

I have never heard of this company and no company will ask for money up front in Nigeria they call this 419 do not even bother to reply look for proper Expat company they will bring you and do all the paperwork and arrange your flights


Be careful with those Nigerian.  They have taken a lot of Dollars with us in the year of 2015 in Dubhai.



fake offer

Did you pay such an amount to your previous company before you were employed and given a stay permit?


don't do it. its a scam. no company would ask you to pay for any type of documentation needed to work

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