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My name is Jemeela and I am a Sri-Lankan interested in finding employment in Malaysia.

Unfortunately my attempt to apply for jobs online has not been very successful till now.

Currently, as a Senior Project Executive in a leading company in Sri-Lanka, I retain the responsibility of offering the best quality of service to our clients, whilst handling procurement, administration and operations.It is my duty to coordinate all elements and ensure departmental targets are being achieved.

I am able to describe myself as a self motivated & committed individual with a strong drive to improve operational efficiency. Having work experience in both the Hospitality Industry and IT sector has given me exposure to a variety of customers, both locally and internationally.

I would appreciate it if any pottential employers or people who know of Companies that are willing to employ foreigners could reach out to me on this platform and assist me in finding employment in Malaysia.

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,
Jemeela Burah

Interested to work in Sun Inns Hotel international?
Please send resume to fadhil.hamid[at]

Dear Fadhil,

Thank you for your message.
I sent my CV to your e-mail and look forward to your response.

Hi everyone,

All job offers and job requests should be posted in the designated section : Jobs in Kuala Lumpur section.

Thank you, :)

Priscilla team

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