What kind of work is good for foreigners

I am wondering about what kind of jobs in Egypt are good for foreigners who only speak English,  like myself?  I have heard about working in internation schools but I don't think I would be able to get the qualifications for that so I'm kinda stuck on what career is best for me to do in Egypt.

to work in international school in Egypt the only qualifications you need is your mother tongue must be English  ,i have many friends work in international schools with very good salaries per month only because their mother tongue is English, you have to read a little bit to convince the one will hire you that you deserve your position in his institute . the other field is to work as free lancer, your income will valued by dollar and as i know the more correction will happen to Egyptian pound against foreign currencies and his value will decrease , be well :)

You can work as a teacher in Cairo and can work on tourism in sharm sheikh or hurghada.
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you can work as a teacher
contact me I will link you with many places

Additional to teacher some international companies seeks people fluent in English to work as a secretary for example. If you hold a university degree,  you may work with it too.

So touristic companies and hotels may assign you as a front office too.

A friend of mine is a Dentist, and she's looking for an a foreign administrative assistant hopefully with some marketing experience. I can connect you with her if you're interested,


Call center

first ,  what are your qualifications ???  studies , certificates , previous experiences ....

maybe your skills and experiences can help you to find a better job than teaching in schools .......... maybe  you can compete to get a job in one of the multinational companies
so , it will depend upon the CV
wishing you all the best

I a man looking for English teacher jobs in Alexandria any ideas?

English Instructor in A Learning Courses Center Like New Horizon

Where are they in Alex and do you know the salaryp

New horizon in alexandria  in Roushdy in abu 2eer Street
I dont know there salary really

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May I ask you if you can suggest a site where I can browse for any open positions for foreigners in Egypt (both Alexandria and Cairo)?

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check these sites ... i hope they are helpful … gJQkPD_BwE … gL45fD_BwE

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