Non saudi man marrying with saudi woman


I am Muslim, I am from Pakistan doing job in Pakistan as an IT engineer. I will be precise & straight forward in my queries so that i can get answers from this forum please.

I heard about some rules regarding marrying saudi woman with non saudi man those are like:
- Female age 30+
- Age difference of male and female less than 10
- Male must not be already married

For me all mentioned rules become invalid, as saudi female i wanna marry is only 20 yr, I am already married here in Pakistan (reason for 2nd marriage, my first wife is suffering from infertility), age difference is also more than 10 year.

So here are my queries:
1- Apparently from rules it seems we cannot register our marriage there, but she wants our marriage  should be register there in Saudia. Any possibility for this?
2- What If I get register our marriage here in Pakistan, then there will be any possibility to register our marriage there in Saudia? Here I want to highlight I don't need any citizenship of Saudia, I can live in any other gulf country. I just need to register our marriage for the sake of her satisfaction.
3- Can I live in Saudia with her without registering our marriage in Saudia? Any implication in this living, like in future for our kids ?

Please I need answers to my queries under updated and current rules. I am very very very much worried about these rules and complication. Her parents agreement is still pending which is also concerning factor for us.

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