Dugo-dugo con / scam

Just recently, a neighbor from Australia had been robbed via a dugo-dugo con / scam. They lost a substantial amount in cash and jewelry. Many of you might already be aware of dugo-dugo. For those who aren't, this is their modus operandi:

"Dugo" means blood in Tagalog. The perpetrator(s) will call the house of their victim, the homeowner, when they're not at home. In a hoarse voice, they will pretend to be the homeowner or a relative of the homeowner.  They will claim that they just got into a serious accident (hence the scam name dugo-dugo) and would need money and other valuables to be admitted into a hospital. They will then instruct  whoever was left in the house (usually house help) to break into their safe / locked cabinets, bring the cash and valuables to a certain person who will then give the money to the homeowner, and then return home. Later on, the house help will be surprised to see his / her employer fine and well. The homeowners will find that their valuables are gone and will have the house help, who may or may not be involved in the crime, arrested.   

There are variations to this con. The caller might say that he / she hit another person or vehicle and would want to settle the matter by giving the other party money.

Our neighbor's housekeeper was young. According to our housekeeper, the neighbor's housekeeper was also new to Manila. It could be that she was not warned by her employer of this scam. So, warn your house help of this scam and tell him / her that you would never ask him / her to take valuables out of your house. If someone asks them to do so, it's a scam.

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