Visiting Da Nang on August 2, need guides

Hello I am a expat in HCMC and will be visiting the Da Nang and Hue areas for a few days. Looking for tour guides to go out with and explore the city, ride motorbikes, eat good food, take photographs etc...

If interested please PM me some info about yourself or your company, thanks.

ADMIN - I tried posting this in the classifieds a few days ago but it has not been approved...

I know one guy can do that thing well, you try to contact him. His website: (in case the link doesnt allow in the post, you go to rai dot vn)

Thanks so much!

no good.

Jet1950 :

no good.


omg. leave me out with a call-sign like that!

Jet1950 :

no good.

you mean that guy or what is not good. I followed a group of 5 and he took us around. As my personal experience, he know a lot of local thing.

Im sure I am tooo late, but I know good guides in Da Nang.

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