Mail Receiving Services

Does anyone know of any reliable third-party mail receiving services in Brazil? In other words, are there companies that will rent me a secure mailbox and receive my mail and packages? In the US, there are several such companies (i.e. the UPS Store, etc.).

I am aware that I can get a mailbox through the Correio, but I'm looking for other options as well.

To my extensive knowledge of Brazilian operational and logistical capabilities, that kind of service does not exist. Mail drops could be addressed if you have a trusted acquiantance to do that for you.


I`m of course deducing that you want your mail or packages sent to you while mobile and traveling to other destinations (mail drop).

Otherwise, the correio is it. You need an RNE and CPF to rent a mail box. About R$70
a year.

Or rent an apartment with a guard (doorman). They usually have their own mail boxes inside the building. If you happen to be his friend later on or meet another friend inside that building, you might even request them to send your mail wherever you are- inside Brazil or overseas.

I hope this helps.


Thanks, Robal.

You`re very welcome and good luck!


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