Festivals in the Philippines

Hello everyone,

What are the main festivals in the Philippines? Are there art, food, music, film, or other festivals expats can attend and participate in?

When do the festivals take place? How long does each festival usually last?

What activities go on during the festival? Is it necessary to buy tickets?

Are there any other events that take place in the Philippines that shouldn't be missed?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


. Here are many festivals like hug festival.I did not go there bcoz i do not like
Jusus day  here man tie himself with cross fix nail on hands and others parts of body.
I did not like.
Soul day people go cemetery i like.We go sorsogon cumdcud.All  relatives gathered here in one place meet each other.Eat enjoy.Go cemetery.Go sorsogon beach.The good things is meeting of realitives in one place come from far and near.
I live laguna mamatid very long travell.But i like we go in convoy.Stay, rest. eat shrimp.Crab,Fish.Rice and much much all very members of family about 12 .It is 3 Or4 days trip i enjoy it much.In cemetery burns candle.I miss last year.May be miss this year 29 oct 2017.

SINULOG in Cebu City, so far for me, is still the BEST!!!

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