Festivals in Ecuador

Hello everyone,

What are the main festivals in Ecuador? Are there art, food, music, film, or other festivals expats can attend and participate in?

When do the festivals take place? How long does each festival usually last?

What activities go on during the festival? Is it necessary to buy tickets?

Are there any other events that take place in Ecuador that shouldn't be missed?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


On the coast...

New Year's Eve in Salinas

Dias Disfuntos in Anconcito Nov 1 & 2

Dia de Communa Montañita y San Isidro Labrador in Montanita May 14 & 15

Carnival...Everywhere! (The weekend prior to Ash Wednesday, varies usually end of February)

Christmas Week

Easter Week

In Quito aside from the aforementioned we have festivals all the time. Most are free and some are not like music festival Quitofest. Some areas also like to have their own thing and have their own festivals. Sometimes it’s a bit too much with all the festivities, and I hope I don’t sound the Grinch or stooge or whoever, but I just can’t wait until summer ends in Quito (and yes it is summer season despite the weather nonsense people speak about). Anyway what I’m going about is literally the hoards of returning Ecuadorians, and take McDonalds for example it’s usually empty during the week the rest of the year but during summer it’s packed each and every day. That’s how it is everywhere else. 

So I loves me some September through May!

Tomorrow Nov 2 through Sunday, Nov 5, 2017 is an extended holiday with back to back holidays of Día de los Difuntos and Cuenca's independence days. And Quiteños are taking full advantage of it with some messaging things like Ya me huele a playa (I smell the beach already).

Enjoy the holidays.

The local festivals in Quito are endless. Just appearing all the time. The ways to find about them is via radio, billboards, newspapers especially local ones, and of course social media.

This December 1st, at Quitumbe "Fiestas de Quito", will have a free event at 6:00 pm featuring Nacho, the singer of the famous song Bailame

This is impressive for the municipality and very generous of them to offer these free events to the public. The fans should love this event, and there are many more free festivals all the time. "Festival of Living", "Festival of Light", etc, etc.

In Quito a week long celebration/festival (Fiestas de Quito) concluded on December 6th, although there was still some level of party activity on the 7th. Officially it is longer than a week because there were organized activities and events the last week of November. But the partying was in full display from December 1st, with concerts galore including some big name artists. On December 6th the streets were flooded with Chivas, or buses that travel around the city with people dancing on them with DJs, alcohol, and some with food too.

For me it’s a little too much because I live near one of the stages in which live performances went on from the noon until past midnight on some days. But it’s not about me, and conversing with many people about this week long fiesta the responses were all positive. The week generates a lot of money because people are eating, drinking, going out more, and buying gifts, and clothing. The store owners are happy, the taxi drivers, the malls, the Chiva bus owners, and so on are all happier during this festive time.

Tonight is Friday night/December 8th, and not a sound, as the only normal party action is probably occurring in the night life district or La Mariscal. Later on this month we will have some other festivities but this leads to Christmas and much quieter as it's a family thing.

And by the way, Fiestas de Quito, are celebrations marking the foundation of Quito. It is now 483 years old.

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