Is 55000 gross CZk a good salary?


Is 55000 CZK gross a good salary for a team leader position within the IT field (based in prague)?


If the question was just "is 55K a good salary in Prague" I'd say 'sure', if it's for a leading IT possition, such as project manager, senior developer or something like that, I'd say it's a standard. In other words, you will live off well, but you'll not be the richest IT worker in da city :)

How is CZk's written?  When I convert that to the U.S. Dollar, I get $2,645, which wouldn't even be a very good monthly salary in the U.S.  Do I need to add another digit (ending zero - eg 555,000) for comparison purposes?


In Europe it's always a monthly salary, compared to US where they usually list yearly wages. And how can it be enough...well, the rent for flats in Prague range from 7K to 23K so you can easily save about half of this wage every month, depending on your living standard. The price level is different than in US or Western Europe. The nationwide average wage is under 30K.

Oh, thanks for the explanation!

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