Where to buy a 32" smart TV

I am now living in Sosua.  I want to buy a 32" TV but there does not seem to be in stores in Sosua that sell TV.  Where can I buy a TV as close as possible to Sosua?

La Sirena in Puerto Plata is your best bet, although they are cheaper in SAntiago. Sometimes I have seen them in the store behind Orange next to Baileys but I am not sure about the size and I don't think they are a regular item.

Are there more than one La Sirena in Puerto Plata, if so, which one should I go to for a TV?  I have also been told that Corpio in Puerto Plata is a good choice for a TV.  Does anyone have any experience?

Corripio is excellent. They stand behind what they sell. Yes they have 32 inch smart tvs. Good timing as they are all on sale for fathers day

The above suggestion are good and we have bought electronics there.  However other places closer to you are
Popiterria  (hardware store in Sosua on the main highway) Cash discount
Lunares which is the hardware store on the west side of Cabarete  across from ocean dream condos.  They will give you a discount for cash and may even price match. We have bought 2 or 3 TVs from them

Bob K

Any places close to Punta Cana?

Sorry I live on the north coast

Bob K

Thank you

You are welcome

Bob K

In the Punta Cana area try Plaza Lama in Palma Real mall.  We have found their prices to be better than Corripio (San Juan mall) and they often have sales.  You can also try Jumbo but they don't have the variety that Corripio or Plaza Lama have.


Plaza lama has excellent pricing Mike is sead on!!! Friday they start their fathers day sale. Already sale.prices are dropping even more.

Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck.    :top:

Thanks, everyone.  You guys always provide excellent information.  A few days ago I was in Pappaterra Ferreteria and Electrodomesticos Sosua but I did not know that it sold TVs.  I live about 12 minutes from that hardware.  I plan to check out Pappaterra before I pay the extra $40 or $50 round trip fare to Puerto Plata.

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