First job in Munich without fluent German.

Hey people!

I know that finding a job in Munich isn't a piece of cake. I am here since March, my german is on A2.2 level and however I am applying and applying for different positions( mainly sales, marketing) still nothing, Can anybody give a hint where did you start your career in Munich? What we, expats who still can't find the job might do wrong? ;)

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That becomes complicated to find a job without a good level of German  apart bank and scientific area... Even in sales and marketing, you need to speak German...

I would say ESPECIALLY in sales and marketing, you need to speak the language of your customers well. In Germany, that is German.
Maybe you can focus on international sales jobs at foreign companies, or work in another field where the language isn't that important?
Germany currently has the lowest unemployment rate in living memory, the economy is buzzing along, the working population started to decline and the media is full of talk about manpower shortages (albeit mostly in the technical domain). Job market wise, we never had it as good as now!

Thank you very much for reply! Area you mentioned is the one I basically apply! Looks like I have to send more applications + maybe my CV needs some improvement. Thank you! ;)

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