Pakistani citizen thinking of marriage to a Moroccan girl

Hey Guys!

I wanna know what will be the process if you are going to marry a Moroccan girl at Morocco. People having same situation or experience, please share their experience before and after marriage. What they faced hurdles and problems before and after getting married.


Salam brother
First take into consideration the great difference of both cultures .
U can't b easily issued a visa to Morocco as Pakistani ,n also marriage process is so complicated at least about 12 documents needed . N if u r hoping to live in pak, note that pak n Morocco are completely different concerning environment ,just  if willing to live in islam abaad .
Also ,I advice you to inform ur supposed Moroccan wife about family law , as I saw it s completely Moroccan ones .so b4 taking such step ,study this marriage as a project .
Wish u good luck .

Am interested by your message. I want to know what you have done in your situation. Because there is a Pakistani guy who wants to marry me and we want to know how to do it, especially that we want to settle down in Morocco. Thanks and good luck

Salaam and good luck there are lots of threads with this information. And detailed information from some helpful people.

I concerned years long back with Moroccans and blogs/forums alike,so mostly depends on the involved persons both regarding marriage and in onward life,no good and or bad in total in any place,as for Moroccans they are more  liberal comparing to Pakistanis in many ways,ladies (Moroccan) are more smart and clever than you see and communicate live by different sources,just as general opinion and in more general every lady needs,required and searching/looking for a service provider (husband) of course a worthy personal,they offer less and demand more.they dont care age,color,education,Deen,rich values but simply a well provider - the day they feel you are not extra ordinary polite (obeying) and provider you will be struck off and kicked out in case you living in their home land - but even then i like Moroccans :)
There is a partner searching site "" try to visit that,is the top first big site regarding muslim community looking for partners,almost 80 % from the whole world are Moroccan and Algerians ladies and 20 % of from rest of the world - why ?
if Moroccan gents are less in population- no - if they dont want marry - no - if they are not beautiful - no - if they dont have ability to pay spousal rights (sexual) - no - if they are more poor and cant provide according to their country level - no
It is a question mark ????????????
with out hurting to any

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