Hello, I'm a new expat in Bahrain just only 5 months here, and I'm an office assistant but I am not happy with my job. I want to resign and find a new job, or just go back to my country and apply there. My question is am i allowed to do that even i'm just new here, do i have to pay my sponsor? what should i do?

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation, but according to law unfortunately employer could ask you to pay if you dont honor your contract.


Thank you for that information. Now I need to find solution to this problem.


good day everyone ,

i send my resignation letter already yesterday to post office , now my next step is to go to LMRA right ? notify them that I want to leave my current employer ?
One thing , My contract is 2 years , i finished my 1 year already , i dont want to work anymore with my current employer because im not happy anymore , yes i understand that they can sue me for not completing my contract but they violate a lot of LMRA rules. what will i do now? do i need to pay for not completing my 2 years contract ?

You can try approaching LMRA and explain them the situation and hopefully they can help.

good luck


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