Coming to Moscow 2018

Hello...coming to Moscow next year..I would like to hear from other expats (and local Russians) of any Nationality of their experiences since being in Moscow.
I need to gain as much local information as I can as everything changes so much so quickly in different countries....hope to hear from you...thanks Jimmy!

It is a very modern and busy city not like the rest of Russia. I can kind of compare it to any big city in the world. You can find there anything you want, a lot of options to choose from, a lot of restaurants of all cuisines, shopping.

Traffic in Moscow is horrible, one of the worst I've experienced elsewhere. The best way to get around is by subway.

Hello! Im from Moscow. I can help you to find a room or hostel or hotel. And i can calculate a tour on bus or trails or airplane. Calculate a menu. Tickets to metro, i have room, very near to arena Lujniki stadium. Ask my if you interestin.

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